What is Wyzy?

Wyzy is a human search engine. This means that the results provided by Wyzy are handpicked by humans and not by some kind of algorithm. This also means that the webpages in our results will always be relevant, so a question processed by Wyzy will always lead to a relevant answer. Next tot that, the webpages in our results will meet a minimum standard of quality for content and design.

Why was Wyzy created?

Most of us use Google a lot. It is a great search engine that helps you find the information you are looking for by giving you lots of possible results. Though, a lot of times the best results are not on top, but hidden between many others that are totally irrelevant or simply not good enough. This can lead to a lot of timeloss and frustration, both for people searching for information, as for the creators of those good but hidden pages.

Google updates its algorithm regularly to give better results and better rankings, though it will keep on being far from perfect. Simply because an automatic search engine can't see a webpage as humans can, it can't understand the content as humans can,...

And from this fact, Wyzy was created. Wyzy uses the human eye, the human mind to look through the many results Google gives and keeps only those that are relevant to the subject and meet a certain quality standard for content and design. When someone then uses Wyzy to search the answer to a question we already have processed, we are able to give only those good results. And at the same time, creators of those good but time consuming pages finally get the attention and visitors that they deserve.

About the Wyzy results.

The webpages that you can see on a certain question page have met the Wyzy quality standards and are relevant to the question. As we do not use some kind of algorithm such as Google, it would be hard for us to rank the results based on the "amount" of quality. Therefor we decided to put the results in variable order: every time someone loads or reloads the question page, the results can have a different order.

Though, you will see that sometimes some results will always be put above the others and this because the domains for these webpages have gotten a higher level:
Level 1 domains: have a purple lower border. The creator of the domain has not yet shown to be responsive.
Level 2 domains: have a blue lower border. The creator of the domain has responded to our message and can thus be contacted if you would have more questions about the subject on a webpage of the domain. These domains can get featured on Wyzy.
Level 3 domains: have a green lower border. The creator of the domain has responded to our message and has in one or more ways contributed to a better Wyzy. These domains will get featured on Wyzy.

How does the Wyzy search work?

Wyzy can only show results for a search query that has already been processed by the Wyzy staff. When someone inputs a query in the Wyzy search form, then that person will only be led to the suited Wyzy page if that page has been tagged with that exact query. This means that we needed to find a way to limit the possible search queries people would input.

The first and most important decision for this was to tag our pages only with queries that have the form of a question. Wyzy will only show results for eg "Are dogs color blind?", "Do dogs see color?",... And as these two questions mean the same, you will be lead to the same page with the same (and best) results. If you use Google, on the other hand, you will get results for eg "Do dogs see color?", but also for "dogs color blind", "colorblindness dogs",... Though, although these queries evolve around the same subject, the results and order of results you get in Google will vary and you will have to go through the results yourself to find the the ones that have the best answer to your question.

The second decision was to limit the possible questions one could ask. One way we try to do this is by limiting the amount of words. The lower limit is 3 words. The upper limit is 8 words as we have seen that most of the questions consisting out of more than 8 words can be formed into a question with less words but with the same meaning.

Although the decisions explained above limit the amount of possible queries significantly, there are still a lot left and a lot of the queries you will think of will not be processed yet by Wyzy. To limit the occurence of this fact we look at various sources to see which question queries are searched the most and try to process those first. Of course, the older Wyzy gets, the bigger Wyzy gets, the more queries will lead to its corresponding best results page instead of to a "nothing found" message.

About the Wyzy badge.

As said above, when a certain webpage has met the Wyzy quality standards for content and design and is relevant to one or more questions, then we will try to contact the creator of that webpage to introduce Wyzy and to ask to put a Wyzy badge on that webpage or on the entire domain. This badge then leads to their Wyzy domain page where all the domain's webpages which are in the Wyzy results are shown.

The Wyzy badge has certain advantages, both for the creator of that webpage/site as for Wyzy.
For the creator:
- it shows their visitors that the page has met the Wyzy quality standards.
- it makes their webpage rank higher than those without a badge in the Wyzy results.
- it makes their webpage to show up above the Google ads when Wyzy is viewed on a mobile device.
- it leads to possible interactions with visitors as they know the creator is more likely to respond to their message (cf. blue or green bottom border).
For Wyzy:
- it makes people more aware of our search engine.
- it makes it easier for our system to know which webpage creators can be contacted or not.

About Wyzy needing your vote.

People can vote here. A vote should contain a webpage and the question that is answered by that page. When we get a vote, we check the webpage to see if it meets the Wyzy quality standards and analyse the possible questions it answers. Whether the webpage has met our standards or not, we always try to reply to the person who voted and include our decision and reasoning. We think votes are important because:
- the vote could contain a good question which we have not yet processed.
- the vote could contain a webpage that has not yet been analysed by Wyzy, as we can't check all results given by Google and as not all webpages can be found in Google when searching the answer to a question.
- the vote could contain a webpage that in reconsideration does meet the Wyzy standards...as humans and thus Wyzy can make mistakes.
- the vote could contain a webpage that has been updated and now does meet the Wyzy standards.

More about Wyzy?

If you have more questions about Wyzy, you may always contact us on our contact page.